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"The Vineyard" - Pastoral - Romantic. To use this music in your production, you must have a valid license. Feel free to TEMP this track. Please feel free to contact us directly for license options and pricing. See TEMPing for important licensing instructions.

New Releases

  • RM_5241 It's Not What I Believe (Rock - Pop Song With Lyrics)


    Don't be deceived! Don't believe the lies! Pop Rock song with snarky sarcastic lyrics and instrumental alt mixes. Classic Rock vibe.

    • Running Time: 11:32
    • Cuts: 3
    • Song Groups: 1

    Contains: Theme and alt mix

  • RM_5240 On The Wind (Drama - Romance - Film Score)


    Life Changes like the wind. Drama, Romance, Love and Loss, Sadness and Joy. Modern Orchestral film score cues.

    • Running Time: 47:28
    • Cuts: 21
    • Song Groups: 15

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes and stems

  • RM_5239 Marry You Why (Quirky - Dramedy - Film Score)


    Marry You Why? That's a good question. Quirky Romantic Comedy. Light Hearted Orchestral Dramedy.

    • Running Time: 9:58
    • Cuts: 8
    • Song Groups: 8

    Contains: Themes

  • RM_5238 Twins With Glasses (Comedy - Dramedy - Quirky)


    GOOFY STUFF. TWINS wearing glasses! Quirky Orchestral Film Score to lighten the mood in your next dramedy or romantic comedy.

    • Running Time: 56:18
    • Cuts: 32
    • Song Groups: 13

    Contains: Themes and alt mixes

  • RM_5237 Scoring Stage III (Emotion - Romance - Film Score)


    Scoring Stage. Romantic and Motivational Orchestral Film Score with alt mixes and broadcast edits as well. TV, Film, Trailer and Business ready.

    • Running Time: 19:02
    • Cuts: 20
    • Song Groups: 1

    Contains: Theme, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • RM_5235 Over Here (Artsy - Quirky - Eclectic)


    Now Look Over Here! Overtly odd, weird, bizarre and over the top. Quirky Acoustic New Folk Indie Arts-y minimalist film score straight from the Garage!

    • Running Time: 25:45
    • Cuts: 20
    • Song Groups: 20

    Contains: Themes

  • RM_5234 Over There (Artsy - Quirky - Eclectic)


    Look over there! No...OVER THERE! NOW ya got it! Quirky Acoustic New Folk Indie Rock made in the Garage!Comedy, Quirky, Goofy, Eclectic with a cinematic twist.

    • Running Time: 111:11
    • Cuts: 105
    • Song Groups: 26

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • RM_5233 Star Dream (Adventure - Fantasy - Sci-Fi - Film Score)


    Dream of the stars! Film Score, Electronica, Fantasy for sweet Quirky slumber! Comical and sophisticated.

    • Running Time: 29:15
    • Cuts: 10
    • Song Groups: 9

    Contains: Themes and alt mix

  • RM_5232 Dragon Queen (Adventure - Fantasy - Film Trailer)


    Behold the Dragon Queen! Orchestral Hybrid, Adventure Film Score, Theatrical Trailer tracks. Building, Dramatic, Heroic, Ominous, Epic.

    • Running Time: 28:38
    • Cuts: 24
    • Song Groups: 4

    Contains: Themes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • RM_5231 Lost In The Wood (Tension - Suspense - Drama - Mystery)


    Don't get lost in the wood! Peril awaits! Orchestral Electronic Hybrid tracks to get you through the forest! Drama, Film Score, Suspense, Mystery.

    • Running Time: 35:21
    • Cuts: 18
    • Song Groups: 18

    Contains: Themes

  • RM_5230 Home Coming (Tension - Horror - Drama)


    Ah, a beautiful home coming...or IS it? Film Score, Tension, Drama, Crime tracks to send a chill down your spine. Welcome home.

    • Running Time: 31:28
    • Cuts: 14
    • Song Groups: 14

    Contains: Themes

  • RM_5229 Bad Romance (Drama - Romance)


    Not every romance is good. Here's to the bad ones that inspire great songs! Dramatic Soft Rock Electronica with a driving beat!

    • Running Time: 31:11
    • Cuts: 41
    • Song Groups: 7

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • RM_5228 Jam Box (Movie Pop Rock - 1990's)


    Go back to the (not so distant) past...the 90's! Movie Pop Rock to relive the days of yester-decade!

    • Running Time: 49:04
    • Cuts: 23
    • Song Groups: 6

    Contains: Themes and alt mixes

  • RM_5227 Persephone (Action - Adventure - Film Score)


    ACTION, ADVENTURE! Boldly venture into the unknown! Intense orchestral cues ready for the big screen.

    • Running Time: 20:19
    • Cuts: 13
    • Song Groups: 9

    Contains: Themes and alt mixes

RESERVE MUSIC, Production Music is geared toward film production, theatrical trailers, television promo, programming and advertising. Also suited for video where higher quality, more complex music is required.

Pricing IS FLEXABLE AND based on traditional licensing options i.e. laserdrop/needledrop & production blankets.
RESERVE MUSIC is a division of Gene Michael Productions Inc.


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